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What is my business worth?

Pricing a business correctly, in Florida or anywhere else, is vital to the selling process. An overpriced business will not draw the attention of real buyers. An under-priced business will create doubt in the mind of the buyers as to the validity of the business.

There is no one simple objective method in determining the value of a business. Appraisal is not a science it is an art that takes years to develop.

The valuation is by nature subjective. The appraiser uses the current and historical information. Then assesses the business, the industry and any relevant information that may impact the valuation.

The following is taken from Revenue Ruling 59-60, 1959-1 CB 237—IRC Sec. 2031 Sec. 3.01 Approach to Valuation.

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Don't wait too long to sell. If you lose interest, energy, focus or drive so will the business. Decline is inevitable.

New ownership revitalizes the company with new interest, energy, focus and drive.

Some business owners do not believe their business has value, and have never consulted with a business broker.

When they want to retire they make the mistake of letting their business run down and close the doors. They have not only lost the cash value, but have let a business die that could have thrived again.

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