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Orlando Business Broker / Brian Bateson

Sell My Business Orlando / Orlando,

Sell My Business Orlando / Orlando,
Central Florida Business Broker

We have worked with many entrepreneurs that are very good at starting businesses, but for one reason or another decide that they want to sell the operation and move on to another enterprise.

Some of these entrepreneurs are so adept at starting and creating viable businesses that we have sold more than half a dozen businesses that one individual created. They have made a business out of creating businesses.

We have also worked with many buyers that have no idea how to successfully launch a new business but are very adept at managing businesses and taking them to the next level.

Sell My Business / Orlando FloridaBateson Business Brokerage keeps in touch with potential buyers through an extensive database of buyers, private equity groups and corporate buyers who are looking for business opportunities.

The mechanics are basically the same for selling these businesses. A valuation is performed, we advise you on your strengths and weaknesses and let you know what we believe a motivated buyer will pay for your business.

Along with our database of buyers we market nationally and internationally in a confidential and discrete manner.

We are members of the Business Brokers of Florida and regularly co-broke with our members.  This gives you exposure to nearly a thousand professional business brokers all working under the same code of ethics and all licensed by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

The team at Bateson Business Brokerage, has been involved in the sale of nearly every broad category of businesses: Agricultural, Automotive, Business Services, Construction, Contracting, Child Care, Distribution, Financial, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Real Estate, Routes, Personal Services, Professional Services, Sales & Marketing, Transportation and Wholesale.

Our fees are success based to minimize any out of pocket expenses for you -
and your company!


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